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Jan E. Vermaat, Jennifer A. Dunne, and Alison J. Gilbert. 2009. Major dimensions in food-web structure properties. Ecology 90:278–282.

Appendix A. Characterization of the 14 studied food webs.

TABLE A1. Characterization of the 14 studied food webs (further details in Dunne et al. 2002, 2004).

Food web

Coordinates (latitude, longitude)

Size class


Coachella Valley

33.4N 116W


S. California, USA, aggregated desert food web

El Verde Rainforest

18.3N 65.8W


Puerto Rico, hillside rainforest on larger Caribbean island

St Martin

18N 63W


Lizards and birds on semi-arid rocky slopes of one of the Upwind Antilles islands

Bridgebrook Lake

44.2N 74W


Upstate New York, USA, pelagic foodweb of unfertile Adirondacks lake

Little Rock Lake

45.6N 89.4W


Wisconsin, USA, detailed, pelagic and benthic foodweb components of productive lake

Lake Tahoe

39.1N 120W


California, USA, pelagic food web of large, deep, unfertile lake inside Sierra Nevada

Skipwith Pond

53.5N 0.6W


Benthic invertebrates in small productive shallow pond in NE England, United Kingdom.

Stony Stream

45S 170E


Benthic invertebrates of a small, third order stream draining native tussock grassland on Southern Island, New Zealand.

Chesapeake Bay

37N 77W


Mainly pelagic components of a large estuary in Eastern USA, with a focus on fish

St Marks Estuary

30N 84W


Seagrass habitat with benthic and pelagic organisms in Northern Florida, USA

Ythan Estuary

57.2N 1.6W


Birds, fish, benthos and primary producers in NE Scottish estuary, United Kingdom

Benguela Shelf

27.5S 11.3E


Pelagic of large open shelf offshore Namibia and Western South Africa, Southern Atlantic

Caribbean Reef

18N 65W


Benthos and fish of small coral reef on the Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands shelf, tropical Western Atlantic

Northeastern US Shelf

42N 67W


Pelagic and fish of the open shelf off Northeastern USA

† Areal extent of the habitat or food web studied was approximated using a scale of 5 categories: 1 (< 1 ha), 2 (< 1 km2), 3 (< 100 km2), 4 (<10000 km2), 5 (>10000 km2)


Dunne, J. A., R. J. Williams, and N. D. Martinez. 2002. Network structure and biodiversity loss in food webs: robustness increases with connectance. Ecology Letters 5:558–567.

Dunne, J. A., R. J. Williams, and N. D. Martinez. 2004. Network structure and robustness of marine food webs. Marine Ecology Progress Series 273:291–302.

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