Ecological Archives E090-021-A2

Kristine L. Grayson and Henry M. Wilbur. 2009. Sex- and context-dependent migration in a pond-breeding amphibian. Ecology 90:306–312.

Appendix B. Two examples of using spot patterns to individually identify newts.

Aquatic stage male N. viridescens placed in an enclosure on 23 April
Same male N. viridescens at the conclusion of the experiment
Migrant Example
Resident Example
   FIG. B1. Despite changes in background coloration (Davis and Grayson 2007), the pattern of red spots is individual and unchanging. The migrant individual was captured attempting to migrate from an enclosure on 11 July. The resident individual was captured using an aquatic funnel trap on 14 September. Photos taken by K. Grayson.


Davis, A. K., and K. L. Grayson. 2007. Improving natural history research with image analysis: the relationship between skin color, sex, size, and stage in adult red-spotted newts (Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens). Herpetological Conservation and Biology 2:65–70.

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