Ecological Archives E090-064-A1

Yannis P. Papastamatiou, Christopher G. Lowe, Jennifer E. Caselle, and Alan M. Friedlander. 2009. Scale-dependent effects of habitat on movements and path structure of reef sharks at a predator-dominated atoll. Ecology 90:996–1008.

Appendix A. Description of site fidelity tests.

Site fidelity tests

The Linearity Index Li = (Fn – F1) / D, where F– F1 is the distance between the first and the last location fixes of the shark, and D is the total distance traveled by the animal. An animal moving in a nomadic fashion should have Li approach 1, while an animal exhibiting strong site fidelity should have Li approach 0. We also calculated the Index of Reuse (IOR), IOR = [OV(A1+A2)] / (A1+A2), where [OV(A1+A2)] is the area of overlap between two daily activity spaces (e.g., 12 h) and (A1+A2) is the total area of both daily activity spaces. IOR = 1 indicates 100 % re-use of an area on a daily basis (site fidelity) while an IOR = 0 indicates 0 % overlap in area (nomadic behavior).

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