Ecological Archives E090-076-A2

E. G. LeBrun, R. M. Plowes, and L. E. Gilbert. 2009. Indirect competition facilitates widespread displacement of one naturalized parasitoid of imported fire ants by another. Ecology 90:1184–1194.

Appendix B. A figure showing the time course of the colony response to nest disturbance.

   FIG. B1. Graphs display the proportion of workers that remain on the surface exposed to potential parasitism at 5-min intervals. The large-worker panel displays the response of workers large enough to produce a female Pseudacteon tricuspis. The small-workers panel, displays the response of workers that are potential hosts to Pseudacteon curvatus or sufficient to produce Pseudacteon tricuspis males. Both small- and large-worker counts come from the center of the tile only. The all-workers panel displays the response of all workers across the entire tile.

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