Ecological Archives E090-133-A2

Jenny Ask, Jan Karlsson, Lennart Persson, Per Ask, Pär Byström, and Mats Jansson. 2009. Whole-lake estimates of carbon flux through algae and bacteria in benthic and pelagic habitats of clear-water lakes. Ecology 90:1923–1932.

Appendix B. A figure showing the raw data for the lakes on a seasonal scale.

   FIG. B1. Primary production (PP), bacterial production (BP) and respiration (CR) in the benthic (A – C) and pelagic (D – F) habitats during the summer of 2005 in Lake Almberga, Lake Tjabrak, Lake Ruozutjaure, and Lake Vuorejaure. Values are integrated whole lake values, and ±1 SD based on triplicates is included when possible. Note the different scales on the y-axis between the habitats, and also within the pelagic habitat.

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