Ecological Archives E090-191-A5

Shiqiang Wan, Jianyang Xia, Weixing Liu, and Shuli Niu. 2009. Photosynthetic overcompensation under nocturnal warming enhances grassland carbon sequestration. Ecology 90:2700–2710.

Appendix E. Sugar (upper panels) and starch (lower panels) concentrations in leaves of the three dominant species sampled after sunset in the first day (approximately 19:30 local time) and before sunrise (approximately 4:00 local time) in the second day (mean ± 1 SE, n = 6). Treatments: C: Control; D: Day Warming; N: Night Warming; W: Diurnal Warming. Species Abbreviations: A.c., Agropyron cristatum; A.f., Artemisia frigida; S.k., Stipa krylovii. Measuring date: 2 September 2006, 5 September 2007, and 5 September 2008.

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