Ecological Archives E090-242-A1

Jameal Farouq Samhouri. 2009. Food supply influences offspring provisioning but not density-dependent fecundity in a marine fish. Ecology 90:3478–3488.

Appendix A. Map of study sites and photographs depicting a clutch of young eggs, an experimental patch reef, a damselfish feeder, and a male bicolor damselfish tending his nest.

   FIG. A1. Map of study sites near Lee Stocking Island, Exumas, Bahamas (23°46’ N, 76°10’ W). From northwest to southeast, the study sites are Goby Spot (GS), String Bean (SB), Rainbow (RB), North Normans (NN), Shark Rock (SR), and Windsock (WS) Reefs. Experiments were conducted on an array of patch reefs located in the sea grass bed adjacent to Rainbow Reef.


   FIG. A2. Photographs of (a) an experimental patch reef (credit: J. Voss), (b) bicolor damselfish foraging at an experimental feeder during the 2004 study (credit: J. Samhouri), (c) a clutch of young eggs, which appear yellow on the morning on which they are spawned (credit: J. Samhouri), and (d) a male bicolor damselfish tending his nest site, which consisted of a conch shell and a two-inch PVC tube (credit: J. Voss).

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