Ecological Archives E091-013-A4

Alden B. Griffith. 2010. Positive effects of native shrubs on Bromus tectorum demography. Ecology 91:141–154.

Appendix D. A figure of vital rate sensitivity values for B. tectorum.


   FIG. D1. Vital rate sensitivity values for B. tectorum among Artemisia, Purshia, and intershrub microhabitats for 2005 and 2006. Values are means with 95% confidence intervals. Vital rates are represented as d, dormancy; e, establishment; v, seed viability; ig, initial size class gain; si, survival of size class i; fi, fecundity of size class i; g, size class gain; l, size class loss (note: as size classes are period-specific, l does not represent a loss of biomass).

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