Ecological Archives E091-164-A2

Julian M. Norghauer and David M. Newbery. 2010. Recruitment limitation after mast-seeding in two African rain forest trees. Ecology 91:2303–2312.

Appendix B. Overall recruitment vs. seed density graphics.

   FIG. B1. Scatterplots showing seedling data to which three candidate Beverton-Holt recruitment models were fitted for (a) Microberlinia bisulcata and (b) Tetraberlinia bifoliolata trees. Seedling recruitment (R) is a function of the total seed density (S), which in turn is the sum of experimental seed density level(i) added to 0.49-m2 treatment quadrats (Ai) and the local ambient seed rain (Samb-L) measured at the scale of 1.25 ha centered on each experimental subplot (20 subplots in total). The solid line assumes no density-dependent mortality occurred (fitting P0, ‘No DD’, Table 1 in main article), the dotted line assumes no density-independent mortality occurred (fitting Rmax, ‘No DI’, Table 1 in main article), and the dashed line assumes both processes occurred (fitting both P0 and Rmax, ‘full BH model’, Table 1 in main article).

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