Ecological Archives E091-233-A5

Gina M. Wimp, Shannon M. Murphy, Deborah L. Finke, Andrea F. Huberty, and Robert F. Denno. 2010. Increased primary production shifts the structure and composition of a terrestrial arthropod community. Ecology 91:3303–3311.

Appendix E (TABLE E1). Percent contribution of different arthropod species to compositional dissimilarities among nitrogen treatments as measured by SIMPER (Clarke and Warwick 2001). Species with the greatest contribution to overall dissimilarity were included.

Treatments between which dissimilarity was measured Species Contribution (%) to dissimilarity between treatments
Control and Low Prokelisia dolus 33.27
  Prokelisia marginata 20.72
  Grammonota trivitatta 8.33
  Culicoides sp. 8.31
  Eperigone sp. 5.83
  Delphacodes penedetecta 3.11
  Orchestia gryllus 2.94
  Incertella sp. 1.97
  Ameronothrus marinus 1.61
  Paraclius sp. 1.57
  Baeus sp. 1.21
  Leptopilina sp. 1.13
  Tytthus vagus 1.05
Control and High Prokelisia marginata 30.88
  Prokelisia dolus 22.06
  Gramoinota trivitatta 11.56
  Culicoides sp. 4.85
  Eperigone sp. 4.68
  Delphacodes penedetecta 3.21
  Tytthus vagus 2.97
  Incertella sp. 2.67
  Orchestia gryllus 1.98
  Ameronothrus marinus 1.45
  Incertella sp. 1.39
  Pardosa littoralis 1.37
  Pentacora sp. 1.17
Low and High Prokelisia marginata 31.17
  Prokelisia dolus 24.26
  Grammonota trivitatta 9.2
  Culicoides sp. 4.67
  Eperigone sp. 3.7
  Delphacodes penedetecta 3.56
  Tytthus vagus 3.18
  Incertella sp. 2.7
  Orchestia gryllus 2.34
  Ameronothrus marinus 1.75
  Pardosa littoralis 1.29
  Pentacora sp. 1.16


Clarke, K. R., and R. M. Warwick. 2001. Change in marine communities: an approach to statistical analysis and interpretation. Second Edition. Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK.

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