Ecological Archives E092-035-A1

Maria Thaker, Abi T. Vanak, Cailey R. Owen, Monika B. Ogden, Sophie M. Niemann, and Rob Slotow. 2011. Minimizing predation risk in a landscape of multiple predators: effects on the spatial distribution of African ungulates. Ecology 92:398–407.

Appendix A (TABLE A1). Subset of a priori hypotheses used to predict the presence of each ungulate species on the landscape at Karongwe Game Reserve, South Africa. Predictions were based on the records of kills for each ungulate species (Fig. 1) and the location of kills (Fig. 2) in KGR. Shown are predicted parameters estimates (βi) for minimizing predation risk (βi < 0 indicates avoidance, βi > 0 indicates selection). Also tested were combinations of these hypotheses (not shown).


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