Ecological Archives E092-096-A3

José Rojas-Echenique and Stefano Allesina. 2011. Interaction rules affect species coexistence in intransitive networks. Ecology 92:1174–1180.

Appendix C. A table and a figure showing the expected growth of species A with one focal species and three neighbors.

TABLE C1. Interactions which can effect A and approximate probability of occurrence in the global setting. Using the Laird and Schamp (2008) interaction rule with a focal species (F) and three neighbors (N1, N2, and N3).


   FIG. C1. Expected growth rate of species A in a three-species community when it competes with three neighbors, as a function of the possible densities of the three species.


Laird, R. A., and B. S. Schamp. 2008. Does local competition increase the coexistence of species in intransitive networks? Ecology 89:237–247.

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