Ecological Archives E093-008-A5

Moisés A. Aguilera and Sergio A. Navarrete. 2012. Functional identity and functional structure change through succession in a rocky intertidal marine herbivore assemblage. Ecology 93:75–89.

Appendix E. Estimated impacts of F. crassa inside and outside ECIM marine reserve.

Fig. E1. Per population effects of Fissurella crassa on percentage cover of ulvoids, Porphyra columbina, bare rock and biomass (g) of the corticated late successional alga Mazzaella laminarioides, estimated for areas inside the marine reserve of ECIM and immediately outside, at Las Cruces. Estimates were based on measures of per capita effects obtained from field experiments (see Fig. 3 main text), and natural densities of animals (individuals per m2) recorded at ECIM and Las Cruces through the transect-quadrat method (quadrat 30 × 30 cm) in the mid-intertidal zone. All data are mean and 95% confidence intervals estimated through bootstrapping procedure.

Fig. E2. Algal abundance (% cover) recorded in two replicated transects (ca. 10 m wide) positioning 30 × 30 cm contiguous quadrats at mid-intertidal levels inside the ECIM marine reserve and in two platforms outside in Las Cruces.

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