Ecological Archives E093-014-A5

Etienne Laliberté and Jason M. Tylianakis. 2012. Cascading effects of long-term land-use changes on plant traits and ecosystem functioning. Ecology 93:145–155.

Appendix E (Fig. E1). Figure showing the relationship between surface soil carbon and soil resource availability. Surface soil (0–20 cm depth) carbon shows a nonlinear response to soil resource availability. Soil resource availability corresponds to five levels of a P/S fertilizer: 0, 50, 100, 250, and 500 kg ha-1 yr-1, the highest also being irrigated. A linear mixed model with random intercepts per block and whole plot was used. Boxplots of population fitted values from the full model are shown. The black line shows a smoothed loess curve through these population fitted values.

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