Ecological Archives E093-033-A4

Jennifer M. Talbot and Kathleen K. Treseder. 2012. Interactions between lignin, cellulose, and nitrogen drive litter chemistry-decay relationships. Ecology 93:345–354.

Appendix D (TABLE D1). Activities of extracellular enzymes (N-acetyl glucosaminidase, NAG; cellobiohydrolase, CBH; β-glucosidase, BG; β-xylosidase, BX; polyphenol oxidase+peroxidase, PPO+PER) and fungal biomass on Arabidopsis plants decomposed for 1 year in control and N-fertilized plots (Experiment 2). Bars are means ± 1 SE, N = 3. For three-way ANOVA comparing plant types, litter N level, and N fertilization treatments: ***P < 0.001, **P < 0.01. Letters represent Tukey groupings for comparisons among plant types across control and N-fertilized plots (P < 0.05).

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