Ecological Archives E093-050-A3

Jennifer A. Rudgers, Tom E. X. Miller, Shaun M. Ziegler, and Kelly D. Craven. 2012. There are many ways to be a mutualist: Endophytic fungus reduces plant survival but increases population growth. Ecology 93:565–574.

Appendix C (TABLE C1). Parameters and empirical point estimates for Cinna arundinacea - Neotyphodium schardlii population dynamics. Parameters f and s represent the fecundity and survival, respectively, of symbiotic (E+) and symbiont-free (E-) hosts. F and S are the ratios of symbiotic to symbiont-free values. r represents the host life history context and is defines as f- / s-. Empirical estimates for f are based on seed production multiplied by recruitment probability.

2007 cohort
2008 cohort
f+ 4.17 0.76
f- 0.06 0.03
F 67.38 22.78
s+ 0.33 0.68
s- 0.52 0.64
S 0.64 1.06
r 0.11 0.05

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