Ecological Archives E093-062-A1

Diego P. Vázquez, Silvia B. Lomáscolo, M. Belén Maldonado, Natacha P. Chacoff, Jimena Dorado, Erica L. Stevani, and Nydia L. Vitale. 2012. The strength of plant-pollinator interactions. Ecology 93:719–725.

Appendix A (Fig. A1). Photographs of nests of bee species included in the study. Bees studied to quantify interaction strength. (a) Megachile sp. A visiting a flower of Larrea divaricata. (b) Detail of brood cells of Megachile sp. A with petals of Larrea sp. (c) Nest of Megachile sp. A with brood cells built with petals of Larrea sp. (d) Nest of Anthidium sp. built with hairs of fruits of unidentified plant species. (e) Nest of Trichothurgus laticeps, with pollen mostly of Opuntia sulphurea. (f) Nest of Xylocopa ordinaria, with seven brood cells at different stages of development, from larva (left) to pupa (center) to adult (right).

Photo credits: a, e, f: Diego P. Vazques; b: Jimena Dorado; c: Erica L. Stevani; d: Nydia L. Vitale

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