Ecological Archives E093-092-A1

Alyssa S. Hakes and James T. Cronin. 2012.Successional changes in plant resistance and tolerance to herbivory. Ecology 93:1059–1070.

Appendix A. Herbivore damage and insect herbivore abundances in early- and late-successional fields.

Fig. A1. Mean proportion of plant damaged (± SE) by insect herbivores, mammalian herbivores, and combined insect and mammalian herbivores between early- and late-successional fields. * denotes P < 0.05 after sequential Bonferroni corrections to α.

Fig. A2. Mean abundance of leaf-chewing insects (± SE) per sweep sample between early- and late-successional fields (N = 3). Only insects observed to feed on goldenrod are included in abundance data.

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