Ecological Archives E093-107-A4

Sarah A. Orlofske, Robert C. Jadin, Daniel L. Preston, and Pieter T. J. Johnson. 2012. Parasite transmission in complex communities: Predators and alternative hosts alter pathogenic infections in amphibians. Ecology 93:1247–1253.

Appendix D. Data on the numbers, sizes, and stages of species used in laboratory transmission trials.

For the laboratory transmission experiment, tadpoles ranged in stage from 33–38 (Gosner 1960), had an average mass of 651.3 ± 17.2 mg (SE), and did not differ significantly among treatments (stage: P > 0.460, mass: P > 0.127). The mosquitofish used in the experiment had an average body length of 20.6 ± 0.7 mm and a mass of 206.6 ± 17.8 mg (SE). The damselfly nymphs had an average body length of 14.6 ± 1.0 mm (SE).

Literature Cited

Gosner, K. L. 1960. A simplified table for staging anuran embryos and larvae with notes on identification. Herpetologica 16:183–190.

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