Ecological Archives E093-119-A4

Maren Wellenreuther, Keith W. Larson, and Erik I. Svensson. 2012. Climatic niche divergence or conservatism? Environmental niches and range limits in ecologically similar damselflies. Ecology 93:1353–1366.

Appendix D (Fig. D1). Graphical representation of principal components from the second background test. Shaded area represents distributional range of C. splendens. The northern extent of the coloured area depicts the maximum northern range of C. virgo. Warmer colours show areas with higher values of the variables in the respective PCs. The biological interpretation of each PC (Table 2) follows: PC1 - Seasonal Temperature Extremes; PC2 - Precipitation Extremes; PC3 - Vegetation Productivity/Soil Moisture; PC4 - Variation in Vegetation Productivity/Temp Extremes; PC5 - Evergreen Tree Cover/Soils; PC6 - Vegetation Productivity and Total Tree Cover; PC7 - Broadleaf Tree Cover/Landcover; PC8 - Land Cover/Soil Type; and PC9 - Total Tree Cover/Summer Temperatures.

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