Ecological Archives E093-138-A2

Sydney I. Glassman and Brenda B. Casper. 2012. Biotic contexts alter metal sequestration and AMF effects on plant growth in soils polluted with heavy metals. Ecology 93:1550–1559.

Appendix B (Table B1). List of AMF morphospecies (descriptions included for unknown morphospecies) found in Palmerton soils (personal observations, J. Doherty, S. Glassman, S. Bentivenga).

Acaulospora "cicatrix" light gold, obvious cicatrix,
between 60–100 µm in diameter
Acaulospora mellea
Acaulospora morrowiae
Glomus aggregatum
Glomus "brown" brown, between 40–100 µm in diameter
Glomus "red" sporocarpic, thick hyphal attachments,
dark red and shiny in color,
120–200 µm in diameter
Glomus rubiforme
Scuttellospora pellucida

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