Ecological Archives E093-188-A2

Amy M. McKinney, Paul J. CaraDonna, David W. Inouye, Billy Barr, C. David Bertelsen, and Nickolas M. Waser. 2012. Asynchronous changes in phenology of migrating Broad-tailed Hummingbirds and their early-season nectar resources. Ecology 93:1987–1993.

Appendix B (Fig. B1). Long-term phenology records from Finger Rock Canyon, Arizona, USA, for flowering onset of Castilleja tenuiflora, an early-season nectar source for breeding Broad-tailed Hummingbirds (R2 = 0.08, F1, 22 = 1.83, P = 0.19). The four records of very late first flowering (top 4 points) were removed to normalize residuals for linear regression of first flowering date on year of census (results in main text). Including these four records does not change the conclusion that there is no strong phenological shift across years.

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