Ecological Archives E093-245-A1

Sarah McCarthy-Neumann, Inés Ibáñez. 2012. Tree range expansion may be enhanced by escape from negative plant–soil feedbacks. Ecology 93:2637–2649.

Appendix A (Table A1). Seed origins by Michigan county for seeds collected around our study sites, and by USA State for those seeds that could not be collected within our study areas 

Field experiment
Field experiment
Greenhouse experiment
North South North South North South
Local Acru Cheboygan co.   Keweenaw co. Pennsylvania Keweenaw co.  
Acsa Charlevoix co.,
Cheboygan co.,
and Lake co.
Ingham co. and
Washtenaw co.
  Pennsylvania   Pennsylvania
Bepa Antrim co.,
Benzie co., and
Roscommon co.
Ottawa co.        
Piba Mason co.
and Newaygo co.
Pist Antrim co.,
Manistee co.,
Mason co., and
Mecosta co.
Prse     Missaukee co. Eaton co.   Eaton co.
Quru Mason co.,
Missaukee co.,
and Roscommon co.
Wayne co. Roscommon co. Berrien co.,
Livingston co.,
and Pinckney co.
Roscommon co. Berrien co.,
Livingston co.,
and Pinckney co.
Tsca     Charlevoix co. Pennsylvania    
Migrant Cagl   Ingham co.   Ingham co.   Ingham co.
Caov   Ingham co.   Ingham co.    
Ceor       Oakland co.    
Elum       Jackson co.    
List        Missouri    
Litu       Kentucky   Kentucky
Nysy   Ottawa co.   Ottawa co.    
Qual       Ingham co. and
Oakland co.
Quve   Grand Traverse co.
and Roscommon co.
  Roscommon co.
and Illinois
  Roscommon co. 
Rops       Ingham co.   Ingham co.

Seeds from outside Michigan were purchased through Sheffields Seed Company. We purchased seeds from the nearest available locations to our study sites.
For species code key, see Table 2. All species are considered local at southern study location.

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