Ecological Archives E094-006-A4

Carol K. Augspurger. 2013. Reconstructing patterns of temperature, phenology, and frost damage over 124 years: Spring damage risk is increasing. Ecology 94:41–50.

Appendix D. Table presenting yearly pattern from 1889–2012 of warm temperatures in March and cold temperatures in April, and the interval (days) between warmth and cold.

Table D1. Yearly pattern of warm temperatures in March and cold temperatures in April from 1889–2012 in Urbana, IL, USA. For March of each year, number of days ≥21.1 °C (≥70 °F) and ≥23.9 °C (≥75 °F) is given, as well as the March calendar date of the first temperature ≥21.1 °C (In 1919 no such temperatures occurred until April). For April of each year, coldest temperature is given. (Two temperatures are given if two cold periods were separated by temperatures >-1.7 °C (>29 °F)).  Also shown is interval (days) between first date ≥21.1 °C in March and date of coldest temperature ≤-1.7 °C in April.  (When multiple cold episodes occurred in April, intervals to both coldest day of first (in parentheses) and second cold episode are given). Intervals between 16–33 days are those for which damage was observed in 1993–2012. Shorter (<16 da) and longer (>33 da) intervals also are shown. (In 1910 and 1961 one warm day in early March was followed by a second extended warm period in later March. The interval to the coldest April temperature is given from both the first and second (in parentheses) warm day in March 1910 and 1961). Years with observed frost damage to forest interior study individuals (damage) and to only forest edge individuals (damage at edge) are indicated.

Table D1

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