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Paul V. A. Fine, Margaret R. Metz, John Lokvam, Italo Mesones, J. Milagros Ayarza Zuñiga, Greg P. A. Lamarre, Magno Vásquez Pilco, Christopher Baraloto. 2013. Insect herbivores, chemical innovation, and the evolution of habitat specialization in Amazonian trees. Ecology 94:1764–1775.

Appendix C. A table of the abundance and host plant distribution of herbivore morphospecies.

Table C1. Abundance and host plant distribution of herbivore morphospecies. The means (standard errors) across plants at a site of the total numbers of individual insects observed per plant, the total number of unique morphospecies observed per plant, the number of unique plants upon which a morphospecies was observed, and the number of new leaves per plant produced over the observation period. The number of insects observed on a plant was significantly correlated with the number of new leaves produced (r = 0.35, p < 0.0001).



Jenaro Herrara

Significant effects



White sand



Insects / plant

12.88 (4.5)

7.65 (1.09)

20.49 (2.15)

15.97 (2.17)

Site, Habitat

Morphosp./ plant

4.15 (0.38)

3.81 (0.37)

5.63 (0.43)

5.63 (0.51)


Plants /morphosp.

2.69 (0.41)

3.36 (0.64)

5.92 (1.26)

5.63 (1.23)


New leaves / plant

0.23 (0.13)

0.56 (0.17)

3.27 (0.29)

2.45 (0.32)


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