Ecological Archives E094-188-A1

Jonathan B. Armstrong, Daniel E. Schindler, Casey P. Ruff, Gabriel T. Brooks, Kale E. Bentley, Christian E. Torgersen. 2013. Diel horizontal migration in streams: Juvenile fish exploit spatial heterogeneity in thermal and trophic resources. Ecology 94:2066–2075.

Appendix A. Spatial distributions of juvenile coho salmon in Bear Creek throughout the sockeye salmon spawning season.


Fig. A1. The daytime spatial distribution of juvenile coho salmon in the lower 2 km of Bear Creek during different stages of the sockeye salmon run: (a) early: 15 July to 31 July, (b) peak: 1 August to 19 August, (c) late: 20 Aug to 9 September (n indicates number of sampling events). Heights of bars show relative abundance of fish per 200 m section of stream (+/- SE) averaged across sampling events. The dark fill in each bar shows the average proportion of individuals that exhibited sockeye salmon eggs in their stomach contents. Arrows above plots indicate the locations of antenna sites for monitoring movement among three regions of the stream.

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