Ecological Archives E094-204-A3

Annika W. Walters, María de los Ángeles González Sagrario, Daniel E. Schindler. 2013. Species- and community-level responses combine to drive phenology of lake phytoplankton. Ecology 94:2188–2194.

Appendix C. Histograms showing the coefficient distribution for the taxa-level multiple linear regressions.


Fig. C1. Histograms of the coefficients from the multiple linear regressions relating (a) onset of stratification, (b) nutrients, and (c) grazing to individual phytoplankton taxa. The regressions generally had a modest fit (R²adj < 0.56), and only 11 species showed a significant relationship with the onset of stratification (+:10, -:1), 12 with total phosphorus levels (+:7, -:5), and nine with the abundance of grazers (+:3,-:6). The gray bars are negative coefficients, the white bars are positive coefficients, and blue stars denote the significant coefficients.

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