Ecological Archives E094-256-A4

Benjamin Alric, Jean-Philippe Jenny, Vincent Berthon, Fabien Arnaud, Cecile Pignol, Jean-Louis Reyss, Pierre Sabatier, Marie-Elodie Perga. 2013. Local forcings affect lake zooplankton vulnerability and response to climate warming. Ecology 94:2767–2780.

Appendix D. Relationships between the Daphnia sp. body size and fish stocks.


Fig. D1. Relationships between the temporal change of the size of Daphnia post-abdominal claws and fisheries catches in (a) Lake Geneva, (b) Lake Bourget and (c) Lake Annecy. Spearman’s rank correlation test between Daphnia claws size and catches, Lake Geneva: ρ = -0.511, P = 1.58 × 10-6; Lake Bourget: ρ = -0.340, P = 0.009; Lake Annecy: ρ = -0.426, P = 0.008. Catches correspond to annual catches of whitefish for Lake Annecy and annual catches of whitefish, perch and roach for Lakes Bourget and Geneva. Data of catches were available from the database SOERE-INRA of Thonon-les-Bains – France.

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