Ecological Archives E094-262-A1

David M. Newbery, Peter Stoll. 2013. Relaxation of species-specific neighborhood effects in Bornean rain forest under climatic perturbation. Ecology 94:2838–2851.

Appendix A. Species used in neighborhood analysis.

Table A1. Species used in neighborhood analyses of a lowland dipterocarp forest at Danum (Sabah, Borneo) in two 4-ha plots over the two periods P1 (1986 – 1996) and P2 (1996 – 2007). First, the 37 species having > 50 potential focus trees (girth at breast height, 10 ≤ gbh ≤ 100 cm, within 20 m border from the plots edges, alive at the end of P1) were selected. Using an over- understory index (OUI), species were classified as understory (0 – < 20, green), intermediate (20 – 55, blue), or overstory (> 55, red). The columns ‘Numbers of targets’ give potential (pot.), excluded (excl.) and actually used number of focus trees in P1 and P2. Some trees had to be excluded because of large negative absolute growth rates (i.e., standardized residuals in agr vs. ba < -3). Second, because of the strong interaction between BA with OUI (see main text Table 1), 11 additional overstory species with ≥ 20 potential focus trees in P1 were included.


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