Ecological Archives E095-005-A2

Sara L. Jackrel, J. Timothy Wootton. 2014. Local adaptation of stream communities to intraspecific variation in a terrestrial ecosystem subsidy. Ecology 95:37–43.

Appendix B. Illustration of experimental design for reciprocal transplant experiments.


Fig. B1. Reciprocal transplant experiments were performed between two medium-sized rivers in each of two experimental runs. Five red alder trees from each of four sites, two from each river, were used in each run. From each of these twenty trees, we made four leaf packs consisting of leaves from a single individual tree; each were constructed identically, but were deployed in each of the four different sites in the experimental run. Therefore, at each aquatic deployment site, there were twenty leaf packs incubated: one per tree. For example, incubating in the water at Site 1 of the Hoko River were 5 leaf packs from 5 trees growing along Site 1 of the Hoko, 5 packs from trees growing along Site 2 of the Hoko, and 10 packs from the 10 trees growing along the Sekiu River. This diagram includes arrows for only one tree of five per site and for only two of the four sites, one per river, as a partial example of the complete design.

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