Ecological Archives E095-010-A2

Sarah E. Evans, Matthew D. Wallenstein, Ingrid C. Burke. 2014. Is bacterial moisture niche a good predictor of shifts in community composition under long-term drought?. Ecology 95:110–122.

Appendix B. Supplementary results from bacterial community 16S rRNA sequencing analysis.

Table B1. 16S rRNA 454 pyrosequencing results from bacterial communities from 30 field samples (non-incubated), 40 samples of active (BrdU) DNA, and 40 samples of total DNA (8 plots × 5 moisture levels

Total sequences



Average sequences per sample



Unique phylotypes (grouped at 97% similarity)



Unique phylotypes after filtering†



† Filtering to remove OTU’s represented by only a single sequence or in only a single sample


Fig. B1. Distribution of Phyla in long-term drought treatments.



Fig. B2. Significance (as determined by log of p value) of factors influencing community composition across taxonomic level in (a) (non-incubated) drought treatments, and (b) active and (c) total communities from drought treatments subject to moisture incubations.

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