Ecological Archives E095-099-A1

Steven J. Blazewicz, Egbert Schwartz, Mary K. Firestone. 2014. Growth and death of bacteria and fungi underlie rainfall-induced carbon dioxide pulses from seasonally dried soil. Ecology 95:1161–1172.

Appendix A. Figures showing densities for binned SIP fractions and total DNA abundance, bacterial 16S rRNA gene abundance, and fungal ITS abundance in binned density fractions.


Fig. A1. SIP fractions were binned into three groups based on density (light, middle, and heavy) for each sample, and binned fractions were combined for each sample.



Fig. A2. Total DNA in binned SIP fractions measured by picogreen.



Fig. A3. Total bacterial 16S rRNA gene abundance in condensed SIP fractions.



Fig. A4. Total fungal ITS abundance in condensed fractions.

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