Ecological Archives E095-180-A1

David M. Bell, John B. Bradford, William K. Lauenroth. 2014. Forest stand structure, productivity, and age mediate climatic effects on aspen decline. Ecology 95:2040–2046.

Appendix A. Additional figures describing data.


Fig. A1. Location and mortality indices for FIA plots with quaking aspen in the Rocky Mountain Western United States (gray region). The observed mortality indices (i.e., proportion of trees that are standing dead) at each plot are presented in green (0.00 to 0.33), orange (0.33 to 0.67), and yellow (0.67 to 1.00).




Fig. A2. Correlations among covariates, smoothed splines, and Pearson correlation coefficients. The lower triangle shows plot values (black points) and a smoothed spline (red line). The upper triangle shows the Pearson correlation coefficient.

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