Ecological Archives E095-199-A3

Samuel B. Fey, Cristina M. Herren. 2014. Temperature-mediated biotic interactions influence enemy release of nonnative species in warming environments. Ecology 95:2246–2256.

Appendix C. Two-dimensional representations of the mathematical model.


Fig. C1. Two-dimensional representations of Fig. 2, demonstrating how enemy release (as measured by the increase in relative abundance due to reduced antagonistic interactions with an enemy) experienced by invading prey (I)is sensitive to environmental temperature. Solid lines are when predator (P)consumes I and native prey (N)at equal rates. Dashed lines are when P consumes N at three times the rate of I. Panels show outcomes for when thermal sensitivities are equal for all species (A,B,C) or greater for P than for N and I (D,E,F). Thermal maxima for vital rates are: equal for all species (A,D), greatest for P but equal between resources (B,E), or greatest in I but equal between N and P (C,F).

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