Ecological Archives E096-046-A3

Marianne Mugabo, Samuel Perret, Beatriz Decencière, Sandrine Meylan, Jean-François Le Galliard. 2015. Density-dependent immunity and parasitism risk in experimental populations of lizards naturally infested by ixodid ticks. Ecology 96:450–460.

Appendix C. Down regulation of skin swelling by the tick Ixodes ricinus.


Fig. C1. In adults (A, n = 101), local inflammation did not significantly decrease with tick abundance per individual host (LRT = 0.60, df = 2, P = 0.74) though there was a negative trend. In yearlings (B, n = 202), local inflammation significantly decreased with tick abundance (B, LRT = 12.19, df = 2, P = 0.002). Data are observed local inflammation. Regression lines (± SE) were obtained from generalized additive mixed-effects models in adults and yearlings, using the gamm4 procedure in R 3.0.2, with enclosure identity included as a random effect.

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