Ecological Archives E096-078-A2

Alicia M. Wilson, Tyler Evans, Willard Moore, Charles A. Schutte, Samantha B. Joye, Andrea H. Hughes, Joseph L. Anderson. 2015. Groundwater controls ecological zonation of salt marsh macrophytes. Ecology 96:840–849.

Appendix B. Hydraulic gradients from the Cabretta Island and Crabhaul Creek salt marshes.


Fig. B1. Differences in hydraulic head between the 1 m and 2.5 m wells at Cabretta Island for the entire observation period. (a) Tall Spartina zone. (b) Short Spartina zone. (c) Salicornia zone. Blue line is Δh, which is proportional to the vertical component of groundwater velocity, calculated at 20-minute intervals. Positive Δh and gray shading indicate upward flow. Green line is a 14-day running average of Δh. Note different y-axis scale in (a).