Ecological Archives E096-206-A4

Qiang Yu, Kevin Wilcox, Kimberly La Pierre, Alan K. Knapp, Xingguo Han, Melinda D. Smith. 2015. Stoichiometric homeostasis predicts plant species dominance, temporal stability, and responses to global change. Ecology 96:2328–2335.

Appendix D. Supplementary figure of the change in dominance three species with different climate change manipulations.


Fig. D1. Change in dominance of A. gerardii (Ag), S. nutans (Sn), and S.canadensis (Sc) with two years of severe drought (Drought), 14 years of more variable rainfall regimes (PPT variability), and 21 years of irrigation (Irrigated). Error bars are +1SE. Asterisks represent significant differences between treatments at α = 0.05 (*) and α = 0.01 (**) levels. The H value of Ag, Sn, and Sc is 9.76, 6.75, and 5.31 respectively.

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