Ecological Archives E096-206-A3

Qiang Yu, Kevin Wilcox, Kimberly La Pierre, Alan K. Knapp, Xingguo Han, Melinda D. Smith. 2015. Stoichiometric homeostasis predicts plant species dominance, temporal stability, and responses to global change. Ecology 96:2328–2335.

Appendix C. Supplementary figure illustrating the relationship between stoichiometric homeostasis and nutrient concentration.


Fig. C1. The relationships between H and average (±1SE) foliar N (A) and P (B) concentrations. The analyses are based on the data without the outlier values (open circles), i.e., Carex meadii in A and Salvia azurea in B, respectively. P = 0.09 in A and P = 0.25 in B with the outlier values included. Error bars are +1 SE.

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