Ecological Archives M074-014-A6

Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Kaoru Kitajima, and F. A. Bazzaz. 2004. Multiple trait associations in relation to habitat differentiation among 17 Floridian oak species. Ecological Monographs 74:635–661.

Appendix F. Leaf trait relationships for individual leaves: (A) Amass vs. foliar N (%); (B) SLA vs. foliar N (%); and (C) SLA vs. Amass.  Phylogenetic lineages for each leaf are indicated with symbols (gray triangles = red oaks; open circles = white oaks; black squares = live oaks).  Regression lines for each clade and for all data are shown if P < 0.05.  The regression lines for all leaves is shown as a solid black line.  In panel A, Quercus incana, indicated by open triangles, is a distinct outlier and is not included in the regression for the red oak clade.

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