Ecological Archives M074-014-A5

Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Kaoru Kitajima, and F. A. Bazzaz. 2004. Multiple trait associations in relation to habitat differentiation among 17 Floridian oak species. Ecological Monographs 74:635–661.

Appendix E. Species pairwise niche overlap values across a soil moisture gradient.

Pianka's pairwise niche overlap values calculated for species pairs for seven soil moisture levels and averaged for all species across six soil factors, including soil moisture, soil pH, calcium content, organic matter content, nitrate+ammonium concentration, and exchangable phosphorus. Observed values that show significantly less overlap than expected (obs<sim) based on a null model are shown in bold (see text for details). Overlap values in italics indicate greater overlap between species pairs than expected.

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