Ecological Archives M077-017-A4

Laurel G. Larsen, Judson W. Harvey, and John P. Crimaldi. 2007. A delicate balance: ecohydrological feedbacks governing landscape morphology in a lotic peatland. Ecological Monographs 77:591–614.

Appendix D. Development of empirical model relations and constants for PeatAccrete.


   FIG. D1. (a) Peat accretion rate vs. distance from Hillsboro canal (the source of P for the WCA-2A enrichment gradient). (b) Water column TP vs. distance from Hillsboro canal. (c) Rearrangement of (a) and (b) to solve for net peat accretion rate as a function of TP in water. (d) Phosphorus accumulation in peat as a function of distance from the Hillsboro Canal. (e) Simulated phosphorus binding constant, an, in peat as a function of TP concentration.


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