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Laurel G. Larsen, Judson W. Harvey, and John P. Crimaldi. 2007. A delicate balance: ecohydrological feedbacks governing landscape morphology in a lotic peatland. Ecological Monographs 77:591–614.

Appendix B. PeatAccrete model parameter values and sources.



Default value

Reported range of values


Spatial step


1 m


Time step


0.001 d


Vertical datum


-1 m


Soil diffusion coefficient


2.7 × 10-4 m2/d

10.31–16.98 m2/d, Chesapeake Bay delta

2.7 × 10-4m2/d, coastal hillslope, CA

Pasternack et al. (2001)

Rosenbloom and Anderson (1994)

Peat horizontal hydraulic conductivity


30 cm/d

0.2-1400 cm/d, WCA2A and ENR

1 × 10-1–10-7 cm/s, Everglades peats

Harvey et al. (2004)

Myers (1999)

Peat porosity



0.8–1.0, Everglades peats

Myers (1999)

Peat specific yield



0.10–0.15, highly humified peats

0.16–0.32, Everglades peats

0.44, peats

0.10–0.20, organic soils in Canada

0.048, managed peat field in Canada

0.4–0.7 surface, 0.05-0.1 depth, wastewater treatment peatland

Boelter (1965)

Myers (1999)

Morris and Johnson (1967)

Quinton and Gray (2003)

Schlotzhauer and Price (1999)

Heliotis (1989)

Wilting point



0.2–0.3, central Broward County, FL

McCue et al. (2002)

Surface water velocity


1 cm/s

0.20–5.16 cm/s

Riscassi and Schaffranek (2003)

Porewater velocity


1 cm/d

0–1.5 cm/d

Krest and Harvey (2003)

Background TP concentration


6 µg/L

5 µg/L

8 µg/L

6 µg/L

Miao and Sklar (1998)

Newman et al. (2001)

Davis (1994)

Phosphate dispersion coefficient in sediment


3.5 × 10-5·m2·d-1

3.5 × 10-5 m2/d

Webster et al. (2001)

Phosphate dispersion coefficient in open water


6.0 × 10-5·m2·d-1

6.0 × 10-5 m2/d

Webster et al. (2001)


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