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Director GCHQ's Christmas Puzzle - Part 3


Congratulations on solving Part 2 of the Director's puzzle.


Part 3 consists of four questions. The answer to each puzzle is a single word, which can be used to create a URL.


  1. Complete the sequence:
    Buck, Cod, Dahlia, Rook, Cuckoo, Rail, Haddock, ?
  2. Sum:
    pest + √(unfixed - riots) = ?
  3. Samuel says: if agony is the opposite of denial, and witty is the opposite of tepid, then what is the opposite of smart?
  4. The answers to the following cryptic crossword clues are all words of the same length. We have provided the first four clues only. What is the seventh and last answer?
    1. Withdraw as sailors hold festive sing-song
    2. It receives a worker and returns a queen
    3. Try and sing medley of violin parts
    4. Fit for capture
    7. ?


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