How To Choose A Wedding Videographer In Dublin

When you are looking for a wedding videographer in Dublin you could be overwhelmed by the number of providers. With the vast choice available, you need to know what you should be looking for in a wedding videographer. You also need to know how these factors will impact the video that you get of your wedding.

The Film Style

Before you start looking for a wedding videographer in Dublin, you need to consider the film style that you want. This will help you narrow down your search as you will only look at videographers that offer that style. The most common film styles offered by wedding videographers are cinematic, documentary, stop-motion, music montage and fusion which combines video and photography.

To see what film style you will want, you need to look at examples on videography websites and social media. YouTube is another option for finding samples of the film style that you want. When choosing this, you should consider the style of your wedding and the film style that will work best for this.

Know Your Budget

The budget that you have for your wedding will play a large role in which videographer you will be able to hire. While you will generally get a better result when you pay more, you have to consider the percentage of your overall budget that you can devote to this. To ensure that you are within budget, you need to check the pricing on the wedding videographers website.

If you cannot find any pricing, you will generally have to contact the videographer for a price list. These price lists will generally for the packages that are offered. It is also possible that the videographer offers a bespoke service that they will need to provide a quote for.

When looking at the costs, you need to consider the additional costs that could be added. Some of the additional costs you could face include extra camera operators and extra hours. You need to know the costing of this to ensure that you know exactly what you are paying.

Who Will Be Filming And Editing?

Something that many people do not realise is that more and more videography companies outsource the filming and editing of their videos. While there are many people who are comfortable with this, you might not be. This is why you need to ask the videographer about who exactly will be filming and editing your wedding video.

When finding out about this, you should try to meet with the actual videographer. This will ensure that you are able to determine how comfortable you are with the videographer. It is important that you are comfortable with the videographer as they are going to spend all day with you and all of your guests. If you are unable to get this information from the videographer, you should reconsider using them.

There are a number of steps that you should take when choosing a wedding videographer in Dublin. These steps will ensure that you get the best video of our big day.