Beauly Community Council Minutes No 16


Month April 26th 2021

(Note due to Corona Virus meetings have been held by Zoom with communications by Email and Phone)

In attendance


Margaret Davidson, Emma Knox, David Fraser



Community Councillors

Seona Fraser, Roy Harrison, Mark Simmons,


Rosie Macdonald, James Campbell, Ivor Campbell, Mike Smith


Associate Members

Jane Cumming


Tony Boyland, Jim Stewart


Minutes Secretary

Joan Campbell


Roy called meeting to order but again not a full Quorum of Community Councillors present due to technology issues.


Police Report

No community engagement report for the period was received. No items were raised with regard to Police Scotland.


Minutes from last Meeting

The Minutes for February approved by Seona Fraser and seconded by Roy Harrison. March minutes approved by Mark Simmons and Seconded by Roy Harrison.


Matters from last 2 meetings


1.     GCU (UK) No contact from GCU Councillor Davidson sending letter with our concerns - about noise, working hours, litter and Councillor Fraser is looking into problem with damage to verge. Cllr Knox looking into environment issues.

Action awaited from Councillors


2. Larder BCC to commence discussions with wider community on needs/options

available when BCC wind down project. 1500 received from ward discretionary fund

which will see us through till end of June.

April meeting - Church is interested in taking on the project.

Invoices for larder to be given to Roy to complete return for funds room Weir Group.

Action, Jane, Roy and Seona to have initial discussions with church.


3. Traffic Sign Beauly Toll cost being investigated.

Cllr Knox is getting costings for replacing the sign at the Toll corner she is hoping to

have information for next meeting.

Dog Fouling signs for lampposts etc.

Action Cllr Knox


4. Village Map - Jane is looking at this and while it has made good progress, Covid has

been holding it up. Now that business are up and running again she is going to try and

move this forward now.

Action Jane Cumming.


7. Village Road Repairs and Abandoned Cars. See list from previous meetings.

Mike Smith has volunteered to go around the village and update pot hole list. If anyone is aware of any forward to Mike. Cllr Fraser wishes to be made aware of these. Mike is also looking into any abandoned cars in the village and will forward details to Highland Council.

Action: Mike Smith and Cllr Fraser


8. Moray Firth Plan - Discussion around change of use of field at Railway end of village to mixed use and the planning for houses on the allotment sites in Beauly. It was agreed that Jane Cumming would draft a letter about the proposals to ascertain more information about the plans and the BCC objections to the plans.

Action: Jane Cumming and Roy Harrison


9. Toilet Keys

Hand over of keys will now take place week commencing 10th May on Lynn Woolleys return from holiday.


10. Bus stop at Braeview entrance.

William Mainus, Stagecoach does not see an issue with buses stopping at the entrance to Braeview park. New timetables for route 28 - once timetables are finalised he will forward to BCC for comments. - before 1st of May.

Action Seona Fraser


10. Community Emergency Plan

Action Roy Harrison


11. Winter Resilience

3 gritters ordered arriving July with funds received from Ward Des Fund. Rota to be organised

Action Seona Fraser


12. Playparks

Still awaiting info about return of swings at Braeview park.

Action Cllr Davidson

Action Roy Harrison apply for refund of cost of Bark.


13. Flood lights at old Tennis Court

Arrangement for timings and on/off switch to be confirmed.

Action Jim Stewart


Financial Statement

No 1 Account 3540.03

No 2 Account 10260.91

Children Hall Account 2037.56

Lovat Account 1516.99

Beauly in Bloom Account 1810.45







Mar/Apr Planning Lists No comment

21 March Beauly Traffic Plan Query from

Claire Rowe To be Discussed

29 March Balblair sub station Meeting to be arranged

1st March Donation for Beauly in Bloom Terry Wood to be contacted.

April Keep Scotland Beautiful Clean up day to be arranged

April Co-op Local Fund ideas for fund for next meeting



1.     Scottish Gov Tourist Fund - re toilets and trust funds are available but the community would need a trust set up. Cllr Davidson to get Leonie Joyner and Sandra Hogg to liaise with Beauly Community council

2.     Seat at Old Priory - tidy up off bushes still required and gravel purchased.

3.     Grass Cutting of Cnoc - Douglas Mackay has agreed to cut path again.





Next Meeting 7th June 2021