Beauly Community Council Minutes No 21

October 4th 2021 Held at Downrightgabbler

In attendance

Community Cllrs

Roy Harrison, James Campbell, Rosie Macdonald, Seona Fraser, Mark Simmons


Ivor Campbell


Emma Knox


David Fraser and Margaret Davidson

Assoicated Members

Jane Cumming, Tony Boyland, Jim Stewart, 


Aimee Bertram

Minutes Secretary

Joan Campbell has been co-oped onto council as secretary.  Proposed by Mike Simmons seconded by Rosie Macdonald.


Chairman called meeting to order

Police Report

Report – attached / below

Planning Report

No report

Minutes from last meeting approved by Rosie Macdonald and seconded by James Campbell

Matters arising from last meeting Pot holes and abandoned cars

Mark continues to monitor and report any concerns.

Phipps Hall History Information Board

Price received from A4 print of £100 plus vat.   Delivery of new board expected this week. (11/10)

Christmas lights for Square

Awaiting delivery of 4 new lights for square.  Decision to be make for new position for existing square lights.


Clean up started and hope to continue one day per week over the winter.  We have also contacted Murray Hamilton to help remove branches.  Also to contact council to remove garden waste.  Quote received from Brandon to make inroads to Cnoc of £1800 and we are to enquiry about funding.  Contact to be make with Allan Jones for possible funding and an application made to discretionary fund for £900 for purchase of strimmer and hedge trimmer.  Report of dumping of garden waste in cnoc to be investigated.

Agreement from Discretionary fund for £900 towards purchase of industrial brush cutter and hedge trimmer.

Ivar and Jim will have a look and see what’s suitable for our needs.

Murray Hamilton is unable to mulch the branches removed from Cnoc and David Fraser is trying to track down someone from Highland Council that can help us out.

Greens have removed the flower tubs and will replace the flowers at the Railway station in the coming week.


Grants available to community to make walk, wheel and cycle safer for exercise and access. 

Projects to be delivered by February 2022

Beauly Priory Elm Tree

Historic Scotland have been in touch and are keen to assist but require some info from ourselves.


Meeting held on 23rd August and discussion took place regarding trustees and members.  Contact to be make with local clubs to see if meeting can be arranged subject to covid.  Contact has been made with Kilmorack Community Council and various local clubs.  Awaiting response.

Beauly Braeview Bus Stops

We have confirmed to stage coach the area to be marked for new bus stops awaiting confirmation.

Lighting at Astroturf

Timer has been set up, code required. Aimee to update Beauly Online with appropriate information for use.

Christmas light storage insurance

Contact to be made with Zurich Insurance for cost.

Christmas light Switch on.

Decision to be confirmed after speaking to school at next meeting.  Contact to be made to

Robertson Construction to sponsor Christmas tree.

The Headmistress will get back to us after the school holidays regarding the Christmas light switch on.  There are still restrictions around what the children can take part in.


Nothing to report


Beauly Primary School MFR challenge - £500 donation agreed from Beauly Community Council towards their fund raising.  Thank you received from Head mistress Tracey Fraser-Lee which was much appreciated.

Boundary Commission

The Local Government Housing & Planning Committee of the Scottish Government have recently voted unanimously against the Boundary Commission proposals affecting highland council ward boundaries and councillor membership.

Pavement Gritters

We have now received 3 gritters which the mens shed have agreed to construct and store meantime.  Aimee to put up post looking for volunteers and areas for gritters use.

Financial Statement

No 1 Account                                           £1225.87

No 2 Account                                           £6276.81

Children Hall Account                             £1517.05

Lovat Account                                         £2037.63

Beauly in Bloom Account                         £1752.80

Outstanding items

1.    New traffic sign for Toll Beauly - Action Emma Knox

2.    Dog Fouling signs to be put up - Action Jane Cumming/ Jim Stewart to get cable ties.

3.    Village map chasing adverts with view to having completion by spring 2022 - Action Jane Cumming

4.    Lovat Memorial Garden meeting with Royal Marines - Action Roy Harrison

5.    Parking sign for Braeview - no overnight parking - Action Emma Knox/ sign on order.

6.    Community Emergency plan - Action Roy Harrison

7.    Playpark 2 swings to be reinstated at Orchard park and Braeview park - Action Margaret Davidson

8.    Skatepark - update required regarding funding - Action Roy Harrison

Police Scotland

Next Meeting 1st November 2021 at Downrightgabbler



Command Area


Community Group

Beauly CC





Date of Meeting




Ward and Local


Plan Priorities. 

Activities conducted over the reporting period to support those priorities.

1.     Road Safety

2.     Public Protection

3.     Drugs / Alcohol


4.     Crimes of Dishonesty

Between 30/06/2021 – 30/08/2021

1.    Road Safety

On 2/7/21, within Beauly village, a male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal for having no valid insurance and no MOT in place on his vehicle.

A report of careless driving was made to Police on 3/8/21 on the A862 just south of Beauly. This involved a vehicle carrying out an overtake when not safe to do so. The Driver has been identified and a report is being submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.

On 16/9/21 an Oil tanker collided with an empty shop premises on the Square, Beauly. Thankfully no persons were hurt other than the driver of the vehicle. The incident is currently being dealt with by the Road Policing Unit based at Dingwall Police station. The road had to be closed for a significant period of time to allow enquiries to be carried out and we thank the local community for their patience.

2.    Public Protection

On 27/8/21 Police and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service responded to a fire at the Beauly Laundrette. Enquiries are ongoing in relation to this currently being carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department based at Burnett Road Police Station, Inverness.

On 28/8/21 a number of persons believed to be from the south of England caused a minor disturbance at the Lovat caravan park before leaving upon being informed the Police were being contacted. Efforts are ongoing to identify and trace the persons responsible.

Throughout August and September there have been a number of incidents relating to disorder which has resulted in persons being arrested/charged. These have all been within the confines of the accused person’s home address and have posed no threat to the wider community.

3.    Drugs/alcohol misues

No incidents of note

4.    Crimes of Dishonesty