Beauly Community Council Minutes No 20

September 6th 2021 Held at DownrightGabbler (Beauly)

In attendance

Community Cllrs

Roy Harrison, James Campbell, Rosie Macdonald, Seona Fraser, Ivor Campbell, Mark Simmons

HC Cllrs


David Fraser, Emma Knox and Margaret Davidson

Assoicated Members

Jane Cumming


Tony Boyland, Jim Stewart

Minutes Secretary
Joan Campbell

Resignation from Vice Chairman Mike Smith. Chairman Roy Harrison thanked Mike for all the work he had done and wished him well. Ivor Campbell was proposed by Rosie Macdonald and seconded by James Campbell as new Vice Chairman.


Chairman called meeting to order

Police Report

No report received - Joan to chase

Planning Report

Netherdale proposed extension - no comment

Minutes from last meeting approved by Rosie Macdonald and seconded by James Campbell

Matters arising from last meeting Pot holes and abandoned cars

These will now be reported to the council by Mark Simmons. One car has been removed from the square.

Phipps Hall History Information Board

Awaiting price from A4 print as they still have original work.

Christmas lights for Square

Awaiting delivery of 4 new lights for square. Decision to be make for new position for existing square lights.


Plans in hand to organise a weeks clear up of Cnoc to make start on full tidied up. Ivor to project manage this project. Amy to look for help on Beauly online for week commencing 27th

September. Joan to get in touch with G Simpson to assist with removal of garden waste. Seona to contact council also to remove waste.


Grants available to community to make walk, wheel and cycle safer for exercise and access. Projects to be delivered by February 2022

Fire Smoke & Carbon Alarms

Due to change of legislation new alarms must be fitted by February 2022. Amy to put reminder on

Beauly online for villagers to know.

Beauly Priory Elm Tree

Idea put forward to get in touch with Historic Scotland regarding information plague for Elm Tree and the possibility of having tree lit up.


Meeting held on 23rd August and discussion took place regarding trustees and members.

Contact to be make with local clubs to see if meeting can be arranged subject to covid


Hitrust communication

Media release about monies spent on toilets

Financial Statement

No 1 Account 740.86

No 2 Account 6276.81

Children Hall Account 1517.05
Lovat Account 2037.63

Beauly in Bloom Account 1752.80

Outstanding items

1.    New traffic sign for Toll Beauly - Action Emma Knox

2.    Dog Fouling signs to be put up - Action Jane Cumming

3.    Village map chasing adverts with view to having completion by spring 2022 - Action Jane Cumming

4.    Road Markings for Bus stop - Action Seona Fraser

5.    Lovat Memorial Garden meeting with Royal Marines - Action Roy Harrison

6.    Parking sign for Braeview - no overnight parking - Action Emma Knox

7.    Lighting at Astroturf football park - Account Jim Stewart

8.    Christmas lights insurance for storage and use - Action Emma Knox

9.    Moray firth plan update awaited - Action Jane Cumming

10.  Community Emergency plan - Action Roy Harrison

11.  Playpark 2 swings to be reinstated at Orchard park and Braeview park - Action Margaret Davidson

12.  Skatepark to be removed update on what is happening - Action Roy Harrison

13.  Visit Scotland Pod Cast - Action Jane Cumming

Next Meeting Monday 4th October 2021 venue to be confirmed.