Meeting Wednesday 10th February 7pm Committee Room

Black Isle Leisure Centre BILC

Present: I Brown, G Phillips, B Taylor, T Heath, S Atkin, L Tonkin, A Phillips, A MacLeod

H Cllr C Fraser


Apologies: S Williams has tendered her resignation due to family concerns. This has been reluctantly accepted. Replacement arrangements will be discussed at next meeting. Procedure may come up at CC training event.


Points from the Public

Mrs D Kinnear asked if her docs. had been helpful and what was happening next about Greenside. Originals returned to Mrs Kinnear , further photos and submission to go in prior to planning meeting when Greenside on agenda.

T Heath


Minutes of Meeting 13th January 2016

Cllr Fraser asked to have noted that he had requested barriers at Balblair Bridge, not that they would be put in.

Minutes Agreed

proposed B Taylor seconded G Phillips


Matters Arising

1. Bruce Morrison contact for Ross and Cromarty Committee looking at Wildlife Crime

2. S Atkin will progress Teenage Driver Education initiative.

3. Ship to Ship Oil Transfer at Sea - report to follow.

4. Street lights – Cllr Fraser will follow up.

5. 24 High Street Fortrose – HC briefing notes have been requested.

6. Pictures of Ward 10 Cllrs requested for notice board.

7. Rosemarkie 20mph – Cllr Fraser will follow up.

8. No Formal request received for money for school garden .

9. Fortrose/ Avoch footpath, Avoch and Killen want to approach volunteer groups and would like CC to contribute to whin dust. CC would like to know more about specifications for path.

S Atkin

S Atkin

S Atkin


Police Matters

Gavin Sim sent through a report . No serious concerns noted.



B Taylor circulated a summary of expenditure for the last few years.

Recurring commitments were discussed.

Advert in paper for AGM no requirement so will not be paid for in future but the CC will ensure adequate local promotion of the event.

Hanging Baskets – more to be done to encourage community involvement. Green Tree Shop has offered substantial donation.

CC would like more information about local trusts and how they are administered.

Agreed that balance from ordinary account at end of year would be transferred to charitable account.

Agreed that from start of new financial year 50% of the balance after the deduction of recurring expenses, would be available for non specified projects.

BITT have requested £200 for reprint of tear off map. Agreed on the understanding that 7 of the 9 CC's contributed and that the contribution was acknowledged.

Ordinary a/c £1235

Charitable a/c £1747

Cheques approved £35 to Gordon memorial hall for senior's lunch.

£30 to Calico for website

£125 to reimburse A Phillips for senior's lunch.

I Brown and B Taylor to meet HC re Common Good Fund and to request consultation on expenditure.

A Phillips



1. T Heath circulated a summary list prior to the meeting.

2. D Jones at HC to be contacted re enforcement procedures.

3. Salmon Fisher's path – drainage originally agreed on plan. P Waite HC Footpaths Officer has approached Tullochs about the drainage.

He is arranging for Type 1 whin dust to be applied to path.

4. Agreed a letter to the press should be written to explain planning problems, draft to be circulated.

5. I Brown said that HC was approving planning applications before the agreed by them necessary infrastructure

6. Greenside and Care home not on latest agenda for planning.

7. Ship to Ship Oil transfer at sea. - Cllr Fraser reported on public meeting and submissions made. Currently maritime matters under MCA based on South Coast of England, Scottish Government would like to see Scottish coastline and waters as devolved matter. D Thompson MSP and D Blackford MP taking matter further.

8. Greenside - FOI enquiry in about transport report and application.

9. Suggestion that planning updates go on web and facebook.

T Heath


Roads and Pavements

Flooding in Academy Street due to blocked drains. Cllr Fraser will take forward.


Black Isle Community Councils BICC

Plans for more pro-active approach.

1. Public Transport – possible hub at Tore for bus interchange to access Dingwall.

2. Concern over poor broadband – looking at boosting projects.

3.All nine CC's to work together.

Proposal mapping project for problems in area ie roads, each CC to look at own area then collate.

Agreed in principal

B Taylor,G Phillips,S Atkin, L Tonkin



G Phillips circulated summary of topics. Due to time constraints this evening this will be brought forward at next meeting.



1. Town Hall paintings ,records being transferred to another body to be announced 24th Feb.

2. Meeting Cllr Fraser, HC and K Hossack re Courthill flooding circulated.

3. M Marshall copied complaint re potholes.

4. TBI have asked for contact details for Know your CC article.



1. Seniors Lunch much appreciated. Photos and article to be prepared with thanks to all who donated.

2. A Phillips asked all members to supply contact details they wish circulated within CC and to external ie TBI

  1. Date of next meeting Wednesday March 10th 7pm Committee Room BILC