We all love playing games. In fact, games are part of our everyday lives. Let's have fun in English. Let's forget about the regular lessons, homework and other assignments and focus on having fun.


This is supposed to be an enjoyable assignment, therefore, you should think carefully before you choose the game you want to create. In addition, creativity is very important.


Part I- Planning

  1. Decide what game you'd like to create. (card game, board game, etc.)
  2. Choose a topic for your game. It does not have to have any connection to the material studied in class, but must be in English.
  3. Decide how many players can play this game.
  4. Write a draft of the rules of the game. Add to this a draft of the layout of the game you are about to create.
  5. Present all this to your teacher for approval by _____________________.
  6. Now you can start working.


Part II – Creating your game

  1. Create your game on paper first. Show it to your teacher before you start working with the real materials.
  2. Your creation must consist of-


C.     The game cannot be written in pencil. You can write in pen or decide to type.

D.     Make sure your work is neat.

E.      As you are going to put a lot of effort into this project, it would be a good idea to make sure that your game is "hand proof". People will want to touch it and enjoy it. It is not only a project, it is an actual game we might want to play. You can use plastic wrapping or see through wall paper to make sure your game stays nice and clean.

F.      Your game must be handed in by the date given to the whole class-______________________________   .

Enjoy Your Work!!!