What To Consider When Choosing A Paper Shredding Service

The threat of financial fraud and identity theft is something that all businesses have to take steps to counter. One of the best ways to counter this will be to have any paperwork from the business shredded. A lot of companies consider outsourcing this to a paper shredding service, but you need to know what to consider when you choose these services.

How Much Paper You Have To Shred

The first step in choosing a paper shredding service is to consider how much paper you actually need to have shredded. This is one of the first questions that any reputable paper shredding service will ask you when you contact them. If you have a small amount of paper that needs to be shredded such as a packet or grocery bags worth, it might be more economical to shred the paper yourself.

It is important that you have a fairly accurate estimate of the amount of paper that you want shredded. This will ensure that you are getting an accurate quote for the shredding service. When determining the amount, you should think about how much is generated per day as well as per week and per month.

The Service That You Want

There are 3 different shredding services that are generally offered and they are drop off shredding, offsite shredding and mobile onsite shredding. There are some shredding companies that offer other services and they might suit your needs more. However, there are the most common and you should determine which one would best suit your business.

With the drop off shredding service, you will take the paperwork to the company and they will shred it on their site. The documents will be stored in secure and locked containers until they are shredded. This service will generally be charged at a set rate per bag, box or pound of paper.

With offsite shredding, the shredding company will arrive at your office and haul your documents to their shredding facility. The paperwork will generally be moved in a secured and locked container. This service will generally be the cheaper option because the company will only shred the paperwork when they have enough to be viable.

With mobile onsite shredding, a shredding unit will be taken to your location and will shred the documents there. This is the option that will generally be ideal for companies with large amounts of paper to be shredded. The price will be lower per pound than drop off services and it is the most secure of all the shredding options as the paper does not leave your physical location.

How Often You Need The Service

Once you know what service you want, you have to consider how often you will need the service. Shredding services will generally offer purge shredding and scheduled shredding. Purge shredding is ideal for businesses that have a peak time when their paperwork increases and they need to get rid of it in one go. Most businesses will look at scheduled shredding because is more regular and better in the long-term.